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ZIMBABWE | My Country My Heritage

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….As I watch the video clip, that broadcast the country’s most anticipated proclamation, heart beating, emotions rising I listen to the Parliament Speaker read the resignation letter from the now former president of Zimbabwe… The speaker, who with constant celebratory exclamation interruptions does an excellent job of carrying out this task because at the mention of the word resignation the auditorium goes crazy and at that very moment scenes from the last couple of days flash through my mind and my emotions go crazy… amazing myself with the extent of emotional attachment I still have to my country after being away for so long.

Today, 21st November 2017 will forever be etched on the minds of Zimbabweans worldwide but for me it is the entire events from the day the Military took over, that I shall hold dearly, mainly because of how the military and the nation conducted themselves throughout…  with patience, camaraderie and peacefulness.

Change has been a long time coming and so I understand the crazy emotions and celebrations.  My prayer however is that as a Nation we realize that things will not improve overnight, that a lot of damage has been done but all the same we remain hopeful and that the new leaders learn from previous mistakes and guide not dictate…. God Bless Zimbabwe.



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