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Category : Motivation

“They Tried To Bury Us. They Did Not Know We Were Seeds”

I first came across this quote a while ago and as a quote addict felt it was such a gem I had to add it to my collection and to date cannot count the number of times I have referred to it in conversations, messages and personal situations. Years later I have created this platform and interestingly enough our vision ‘Let’s Blossom’ somewhat aligns with this quote.

My personal interpretation of this quote is that if you ever feel like you have been written off… be it socially, professionally or even within family circles, it’s because ‘they’, operative word, feel ‘they’ no longer have a use for you, NOT that you are useless and it’s imperative that you always remember that you are only as “useless” as you allow yourself to feel/be and so when you find yourself in such situations rather than remaining in the ‘downtrodden state of mind’ transfer all the energy you have left into re-emerging, growth and blossoming into the best version of yourself!


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