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Category : Motivation

Been sitting here for a while, waiting for someone to throw me a lifeline… hoping that someone will see all this potential in me… Hoping their crystal ball will reveal the multitude of dreams that taunt me day and night.  Or perhaps God’s voice will bellow out to me and tell me its time to rise and act…  because that’s how it works right?

But the seasons roll by…. Spring, Summer, Autumn… no voice.  Winter… Spring again still no life-line.  The multitude of ideas are weighing me down, the dreams keep me awake at night and distracted by day… still no voice.. maybe I’ve missed it… maybe it came as a call… that I ignored, or was it in the preachers sermon or that song I danced to… or was it the qoute?? the qoutes?!? the qoutes that I’m constantly tweeting and forwarding and qouting (the irony).  Slowly I realise there will never be a voice or life-line as I envisaged but rather its in me and around me… the gut feeling, the instincts, the annoying chain mail/texts, the sermons… the conversations… encouraging me everyday and so I rise…

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