MONDAY MOTIVATION | Don’t Break The Habit

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MONDAY MOTIVATION | Don’t Break The Habit

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Controversial title you may think considering almost every time you hear about a ‘habit’ it’s in correlation with breaking it.  Well in this case I’m referring to not breaking your Monday to Friday morning routine.

Reason I say this is in a small survey I took regarding “WHY A LOT OF PEOPLE DESPISE MONDAY” one of the popular reasons was that most people found it difficult getting back into the weekly routine after the weekend especially getting up early.

My suggestion or recommendation then is “don’t break the habit” i.e. still set your alarm for the same time… still get up the same time and carry out any tasks that need to be done, such as housework, errands etc.  Get all this out of the way first thing in the morning giving you loads of free time during the day to relax especially on a Sunday in readiness for Monday so you can hit the ground running.

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