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…Rebranded In Europe

Leaving home and moving to another country/continent has got to be one of the hardest things ever given the multitude of things to adjust to…. the change in weather, the culture shock, the food… loneliness! The list just goes on and on! There are usually two main outcomes… the pressure of being so far away from home will either break you or make you stronger. In my case it was the latter. More like do or die. Hard at first but in the end it does pay off. Having come such a long way the last thing one could ever do is backtrack so making that decision to stay on permanently wasn’t hard at all and as I slowly find myself integrating into this new culture and lifestyle I also find myself appreciating everything that relates to my being African more and more. I like to think of it as re-branding oneself, still the same product/person with the same roots, values etc but functioning under a different image, all for the better off course.

I see this a lot within Fashion. Inspiration comes from all over and being African I love how the African fabric and accessories are being incorporated within fashion the world over. The Kente fabric has got to be one of my favourite fabric. The print! and the fusion of colour just brightens up the mood. This fabric will definitely be part of my autumn /winter essentials because this English winter can be so dull and drag on forever.

ZARA Coat | KENTE Fabric


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