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Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do
Dream… Do
Wake Up And Chase Your Dreams

How many times have we heard this but not actually applied it? During a conversation with a friend we talked about how good it is to dream and have aspirations and that dreams have birthed some great businesses and achievements but unfortunately most people are stuck in this perpetual state of dreaming without any action. Being a dreamer myself I am guilty as charged, to the extent of dreaming about the achievements, the rewards, the awards and even the acceptance speech but then never actually ‘Doing’. This boils down to so many reasons but possibly mainly fear… Fear of the unknown, fear of failure or perhaps dreaming so big that we don’t know where to start. If you are guilty of all the above and more then this is the sign you have been waiting for, stop over thinking and just DO it, stop waiting for the perfect opportunity because it will never come. Today is a good day to start….

Do some research. Learn as much as possible. Ask questions. Attend seminars. Get a mentor.
Have a realistic plan. Strategise. Make a vision board (it helps to visualise things). Keep a journal.
Divide And Conquer
Avoid getting overwhelmed by breaking the project into small, manageable and realistic tasks. Be your biggest fan and remember to celebrate every little achievement and continue encouraging yourself
Have a positive mindset always. Choose friends wisely, only keep company of like-minded people
Work Hard
It was never gong to be easy
Never Ever Give Up!
Now that this journey has begun never look back and never give up and if you fall 4 times, rise 4! Every time you feel like giving up remember why you started!

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