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Commuting has to be one of the dreariest and somewhere at the top of the FWP (first world problems) list and so for me any form of distraction is welcome.   Most turn to music but my favorite form of distraction is eavesdropping which I would like to think I have perfected to a T.  On one such occasion my victims were two teenagers going on about how one’s parents were so strict and never let her go out/stay out after a certain time, how everything from phone use and even socialising is closely monitored.  She carried on to say she doesn’t understand how the same parents can contradict themselves with lectures on spreading your wings in life and transforming life into any type of awesomeness and yet at the same time be so strict, so strict she felt cocooned.  Now I’ve eavesdropped so many conversations in my commuting life but this one had so much depth considering their age and long after I had reached my destination I kept thinking about it especially the reference to a ‘Cocoon’ and because of my over processing, over thinking, over analyzing mind everything always has greater meaning and a lesson to be learnt.

I’m sure most of us have felt that way at some point, not necessarily due to strict parents but perhaps a situation, a job or an experience  which has left us feeling ‘cocooned’ but what we don’t realize is that that is all part of the process.  In order for one to become that butterfly that will eventually spread their wings and fly you have to be encased and that the cocoon phase helps you grow stronger and better because what a cocoon does is provide camouflage and additional protection for the chrysalis in which the metamorphosis from a caterpillar into a butterfly occurs, and whilst it may seem as though a cocoon is a resting place, there’s no resting going on inside the cocoon as there is a lot of activity as the caterpillar transforms into a new creature.

Applying this to everyday life, a cocoon can be anything, anything that houses you or incases you in your growth from immaturity to maturity, from weakness to becoming stronger… from small to bigger things…. and so as you develop into greater things embrace your cocoon as it houses your growth.

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