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So as we near the end of the first half of the year I keep thinking of a quote/article i came across the other day that spoke of the average millionaire having 7 sources of income..  That doesn’t really leave any hope for most 9-5ers does it?   How on earth do you incorporate the other 6 sources into a 24 hour day??!?!   

Okay fine not all of us strive to become millionaires but I know everyone wants to make enough to live comfortably and secretly wish they could afford a pair or two of designer items and other little luxuries…..  so now that I have acquired this knowledge/information I am adding on to my already saturated thinking life with more thoughts on how best to incorporate other sources of income into my already hectic schedule… I’m thinking investments, business ventures, inject a little bit more effort into my ebay store… and maybe read the book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ for the upteenth time incase i missed some tips.  And perhaps once I have increased my sources of income and the zeroes start increasing in my bank account I can afford to wear real pearls but for now i shall be content with these Dior inspired earrings and for you already comfortably on your way to becoming 100-thousandaires and millionaires then settle for the real deal for a whopping £260!!. 

And no I’m not in mourning but chose to wear all black to allow the accessories to stand out and an excuse to try out  this latest addition to our cape/blazer collection.  My love for capes surpasses my concerns as when talking capes, it can be a VERY thin line between frumpy and fabulous.  In my head though this is just the perfect shape and fit but as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder maybe I am just kidding myself…. Anyway back to trawling the Internet in search of business ideas…

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