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MONDAY MOTIVATION | Connecting The Dots

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You know that puzzle in which u get a set of dots in number or letter sequence and you draw a line following the sequence to reveal the actual picture… the crazy thing is most of the time you can already tell what the picture is just by looking at the dots outline but still we go through the process of connecting the dots just so we get confirmation….

Sometimes real life is exactly like that.  I don’t understand why in certain situations, when we already know ‘what’s up’ we still go through the laborious and time wasting task of wanting to connect the dots… life eh? 

Moral of the story? Learn to trust your instincts…. They are there for a reason.

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Category : Motivation

But above all Let there be LOVE…

That four letter word that releases dopamine, makes you do crazy things and lose yourself in the presence of someone who before was a total stranger.  If you are fortunate enough to experience it then always remember Love is an action and not the mere utterance of words.




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MONDAY MOTIVATION | Overnight Success

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If you have ever wondered how some people became an overnight success whilst you have toiled for years and close to insanity trying to turn your dream into reality, search no more because after today you too will be in on the secret.  What I am about to tell you will cost you nothing but will change your life forever!  This may just be one of the rich and famous’ most well kept secret but after today will also be your secret… well, that’s if you don’t already know it.

Yup! and that’s how you become an overnight success… and no it doesn’t take 24hours, it takes months, years, maybe even decades.

The real secret to success is HARDWORK and PERSEVERANCE!